EVOKE the ELEMENTS ~100% Botanical Perfume

EVOKE the ELEMENTS ~100% Botanical Perfume

Donation: $5.00

The seductive, all- natural scent of EVOKE Perfume is designed to balance the mind and body. EVOKE the Elements for Causemetics is beautifully balanced with the essence of Coriander (to release us and allow us to let go), while Tuberose & Neroli create a oneness with all. Ho Wood and Bitter Orange connect and balance the scent. Hand crafted with the highest quality ingredients; made in small batches.

15 ml.

Features and Benefits

A healing fragrance that helps to balance mind and body.

INGREDIENTS: Made with the finest quality essential oils; always organic, always wild crafted.

 Cause metics™  a movement by the Canadian Breast Cancer Support Fund (CBCSF)  designed to raise money to help financially challenged breast cancer patients across Canada through the sale of healthy beauty products.        

 With each purchase, a $5 donation is made to the Canadian Breast Cancer Support Fund ~ a national charity providing breast cancer patients with the short-term financial support they need so they can focus, simply and solely, on fighting their disease.