All Over Soap ~ Body + Hair

All Over Soap ~ Body + Hair

The All Over Soap + Shampoo will clean your whole body: hands, body, face + hair.

This eco blended soap is infused with plant based and coconut ingredients - sulfate free of course!  Its super fresh smell will leave your bathroom smelling like a spa.    Infused with a 'Germs Away' blend' of essential oils,  you will take solace knowing that this soap will leave your skin extra clean, killing germs the natural way using a synergy of essential oils (not through fragrance or nasty chemicals).

INGREDIENTS: water (aqua), coconut based cleansing ingredient: coco glucoside (plantacar 818 UP), citric acid, rosemary botanical extract (rosmarinus officinalis leaf extract), grapefruit seed extract (cirtus grandis) ... spiked with a purifying blend of all-natural essential oils and nothing else!

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