Rosehip Oil Moisturizing Serum

Rosehip Oil Moisturizing Serum

Rosehip oil is a truly remarkable natural product with amazing skin rejuvenating and hair conditioning properties. It has been used for generations by the Andean Indians of Chile who recognized years ago that Rosehip oil had exceptional healing skin care and hair care benefits. It’s brimming with natural nutrients and vitamins.

The anti-aging benefit from using rose hip oil on your face comes about due to the antioxidants and the oil’s ability to penetrate into deeper layers of skin.  Give your skin a beautiful and healthy glow!

BENEFITS: Regenerative to wrinkles, sun damage, scars, wounds, burns, eczema.  Hight levels of antioxidants and vitamins to fight free radical damage and inflammation. Supports collagen and elastin production to maintain firm, youthful skin. Great for balancing skin tone.

INGREDIENTS: Organic Rosehip oil

More info: 100% organic rosehip oil is cold-pressed from the seeds of rose fruit known as ‘hips’. The seeds contain approximately 10% oil rich in essential fatty acids including up to 40% omega 3 (alpha-linolenic acid, ALA). These fatty acids are ideal for moisturizing the skin and help to carry nutrients deep into the layers of the dermis. The most extraordinary component of rosehip oil are retinoids, regenerative bioactives that are known to combat scarring, acne and fine lines. It also contains skin-healthy amounts of antioxidants in the form of carotenoids and polyphenols and other nourishing vitamins and minerals. This oil is cold-pressed, also known as ‘virgin’, which means that the oil was extracted by squeezing it out of the fruit rather than extracting it by using solvents. It has higher levels of carotenoids (with a red colour to the oil rather than the regular golden hue) and 700% more tretinoin (vitamin A acid) than the conventional solvent-extracted version.

GOOD STUFF: Biodegradable, Cruelty-free and vegan, made with certified organics, amber glass bottle, corn label, Gluten-free

DIRECTIONS: Apply a few drops to clean face and neck in the morning as a facial oil, or in the evening as a night treatment. Add 1-2 drops to dispensed facial cream to increase moisturizing ability.

60 ml = 2 fl oz


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