Spotbuster Natural Blemish Treatment

Spotbuster Natural Blemish Treatment

A 100% organic solution for blemishes that combines the antiseptic, astringent properties of witch hazel hydrosol with the healing, anti-inflammatory powers of aloe vera juice. The organic essential oils of lavender and tea tree are added to fight bacteria and promote speedy, uncomplicated healing. Use as needed.

INGREDIENTS:  Witch Hazel Hydrosol - Powerful astringent, anti-inflammatory, and healing.  Aloe Vera Gel Juice - Healing and anti-inflammatory.Tea Tree - Combats the bacteria that contributes to acne.  Lavender - Antibacterial and healing.

INGREDIENTS: Certified organic witch hazel hydrosol, certified organic aloe vera gel juice, certified organic tea tree essential oil, certified organic lavender essential oil.

INSTRUCTIONS: Use as needed directly on blemishes. Shake well before use.

BENEFITS:  Astringent - helps dry out area, keeps area clean and bacteria-free, soothes inflamed skin, prevents further breakouts.

GOOD STUFF:  Made with certified organics, biodegradable, cruelty-free, vegan, amber glass bottle, corn label, pre-cycled pump and cap, gluten-free

9 ML /.6 FL OZ


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