Ecoholic Body

Ecoholic Body

Adria Vasil, the best selling author of EcoholicEcoholic Home and Ecoholic Body, has been writing her humour-filled, easy to read weekly ECOHOLIC advice column in NOW magazine since 2004!  She writes about everything from how to green your food choices to how to detoxify your home and office.

In Ecoholic Body, Adria gives us the low-down on all things toxic in the products we put on our body - shampoo, deodorant, soap, makeup, skin care, you name it.  She even provides some DIY recipes.   So, read the labels on all of the products that you're putting on your body!  

Adria was recently voted a Kickass Canadian and in Ecoholic Body, recommended Holly & Ivy as one of her kickass websites -  and that's just one of the reasons we love her!

All of the research has been done for you, so you can feel confident that all of the products we offer are not only safe for you, they are proven, successful brands.


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