Our Sister Organization

 The Canadian Breast Cancer Support Fund is a national, volunteer-based charity.

Their Mission is to provide short-term financial support for medical and personal expenses of breast cancer patients facing financial difficulties due to their diagnosis and treatment.

 Their Vision is to be Canada’s leading voice in raising awareness about the financial challenges that accompany a breast cancer diagnosis

 Every year in Canada, approximately 23,000 women and 190 men are diagnosed with breast cancer. Breast cancer is the most common cancer for women: one in nine will develop breast cancer in her lifetime. The economic impact of breast cancer diagnosis can be devastating.

 The financial difficulties that follow a breast cancer diagnosis are well documented, but historically, very little attention has been paid to solving this problem. Millions of dollars are raised in the name of breast cancer and directed to research and education while many patients struggle with expenses related to their diagnosis and treatment.

 There are unexpected costs associated with a breast cancer diagnosis. Patients often need to cover the costs of drugs and medical supplies.  This can impose a significant hardship of those without private insurance and do not qualify for government assistance.  CBCSF will provide funds for, including but not limited to food, medication, wigs, breast prosthetics, specialty bras, custom garments required for conditions resulting from treatments, child care and parking expenses, limited amount towards cost of shelter, restorative therapy.  

The breast cancer patients receiving financial support are as varied as the women one meets every day – working women, young mothers, students, single women, the self-employed; men and women living alone and without benefit of extended family to rely on for support; women in the earliest stage of breast cancer and women diagnosed with stage 1V metastatic breast cancer.

Breast Cancer patients are required to complete a comprehensive application form when requesting financial support.  The application must include documents providing evidence of finances (government documents, tax returns etc) and treatment plans as well as being signed by a health care professional associated with their treatment.   The application form is reviewed by members of the CBCSF Advisory Committee, all of whom are personally and professionally experienced with breast cancer and the health care system. 

Every donation, small and large, helps the Canadian Breast Cancer Support Fund to provide financial support for breast cancer patients for food, shelter, medication, prosthetics, childcare, various treatments and restorative therapies.