50 Ways to LOVE your balm!

This moisturizing balm is such an incredible multi-tasker, we don’t know how we ever lived without it!  It’s the only product you need to keep your skin pure and unbelievably soft. The faint tropical scent comes courtesy of organic oils and other natural ingredients. It’s made without a single drop of water, making it ultra-rich and concentrated. (look Ma, no fillers!).





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Reasons to Use Plant-Based Skin Care

 1. You Use a Lot of Products

Environmental Defence found that the average Canadian uses more than 15 personal care products a day with over 100 toxic ingredients before breakfast.* Yikes, right?! Consider how many products you use every day: toothpaste, soap, deodorant, face cream, mascara, concealer, shampoo, and more. You only need to read the ingredients list on each product used during your morning beauty routine to understand how quickly the toxins can add up!

2. Your Skin Is Your Biggest Organ                                                                                                                          Everything we put on our skin absorbs into our bloodstream. Once they enter your body, toxic chemicals can harm your health in a variety of ways including disrupting hormones (e.g., mimic or block estrogen), impacting respiratory system (e.g., allergies or asthma), playing havoc with your reproductive system, and the introduction or aggravation of cancer through carcinogenic chemicals. If the products you’re using are full of synthetic chemicals than you are exposing yourself daily to potential health issues and toxins.

3. Full Disclosure                                                                                                                                                           You'll find that most of the natural beauty brands are proud of their ingredients and want to show off what’s inside their products. You won’t have to guess what’s going on your skin rather you’ll know exactly what you are getting. This puts full control in your hands of the ingredients you allow on and in your body. If you have sensitive skin or allergies, you already know how important full disclosure is to your health.

 4. What’s Good For the Outside Is Good For The Inside                                                                                    You eat fruits and vegetables not only because they taste good but also because they’re good for your health. Plant-based beauty products harness the natural goodness of plant products and use them to make your skin gorgeous. The nutrients, fatty essential acids, and antioxidants found in many plant-based skin care products can help keep your skin healthy and free from congestion. They also can repair sun damage, moisturize dry skin, reduce redness, and fight aging.

We’re proud to carry only natural beauty brands that take the wellness of your skin and body seriously by using plant-based ingredients.                                                    Check out a few of our favourites:

Graydon Clinical Luxury The Serum contains over 50 pounds of Canadian berries (blueberry, raspberry, and cranberry seed oil) to make a 30 mL bottle. This serum is an amazing source of antioxidants to help you fight stress and free radicals.  
One Love Organics  Gardenia + Tea  Body Serum contains Sea Buckthorn Oil to nourish and condition skin with a generous helping of Omega-7. We’re especially excited because One Love Organics is now certified organic by ECOCERT!    
Stark Skincare Grapefruit Cleanse+Hydrate Balm is made with grapefruit extract that is great for problematic skin as well as shea and cocoa butter to heal and protect.      
Cocoon Apothecary’s Rosehip Oil Moisturizing Serum contains rosehip oil, and that’s all! This oil has anti-aging properties and antioxidants to heal your skin.



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