Heading South for March Break - Don't forget Your Sunscreen


You may have noticed the reappearance of the sunscreens on the drugstore shelves. Retailers are getting ready for March Break as are most of us. And of course as you wouldn't head south without your bikini, throw that sunscreen in your suitcase too. And because it's been a while since we've had any sun or sunscreen on us, we decided to debunk two big myths.

Is SPF 50 twice the protection of SPF25?
No SPF 50 does not afford you more time in the sun or twice as much time in the sun. In fact, the protection that we get from each increase of an SPF level is not proportionate to the number on the label.  For example: SPF 50 absorbs 98% of UV radiation while SPF 25 absorbs 96% of UV rays. But that's not the alarming part.  The alarming part is that high sunscreen wearers believe that they can stay in the sun that much more time. Always remember to reapply after 2 hours regardless of the level of sunscreen you are wearing.

Do I need a specific SPF for my face?
Although, technically you do not need a separate SPF for the face, you may want to consider one. Some sunscreens are formulated so as not to clog pores. While other high SPF's include in the formulation tinting so your face doesn't look white. On a whole, the same SPF that you use on your body is okay to use on your face.

So start packing and don't forget the sunscreen!

Roula Pangiotopolous

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