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New natural Dealkalizing Deodorant! Wondering why you should switch to Natural deodorant?  Anti-perpsirants (what most people use) generally contains aluminum to clog your pores to stop you from sweating. There are an increasing number of studies linking aluminum to serious health concerns. They also usually contain synthetic scent ingredients, paragons and other irritants.

Consonant's new deodorant is 100% natural so you're' avoiding putting healthy ingredients in a sensitive area.

Will this work the same way as an antiperspirant?

Antiperspirants stop you from sweating. Natural deodorants generally don't - they are many to stop odour.

Your body is meant to sweat! It's a natural process to help you cool down and release toxins. That said, extra ingredients are added to help you absurd the extra moisture once it's outside of your body.




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