Superfood Scrub + Mask

Instructions on the best way to use your SuperFood Scrub + Mask by Clinical Luxury by Nature:

Step 1:
Open up your bottle and grasp a capsule with the outer shell of the capsule facing up. This is a picture of our lab technician out in Halifax holding one of our capsules. He's got gloves on to keep everything sanitary. 

When you hold the capsule, you won't need to use gloves but we do recommend clean, dry handsIf you have oil or lotion on your hands, the capsule will be very hard to twist apart. We do not suggest doing this in the shower!

It can take one or two tries before you get the hang of opening up a capsule - so don't rush! Make this part of your beautifying routine. The extra few seconds you take to patiently open these babies, are totally worth it. 

Step 2:
Squeeze the bottom part of the capsule as you grasp the top shell between your fingers of your other hand, and slowly but firmly twist the top off.

Step 3: 
Carefully lift the top shell away and behold, our special blend of 19 superfoods will be revealed! You might experience a little bit of powder fallout after opening.

If that happens, don't fret! You have more than enough in one capsule for your face so if you lose a little there will be plenty left. Next time, just angle the palm of your lower hand to help catch any powder that doesn't land in your hand.

Step 4:
Pour the contents into the palm of your hand and mix with your favourite cleanser.  Make a paste and apply it to your face as mask. Leave it on for as long or as little as you like to let your skin absorb the face brightening goodness. 
When you're ready to take it off, massage your face with warm water and enjoy the gentle but thorough exfoliation! Rinse your face with warm water and towel dry. Follow with one of our favourite moisturizers.  

Side note: If you are are still having a little trouble, not to worry, a pair of sharp scissors will do the trick!

Now It's Time To Get Crafty!

You may have seen in our last post that there a ton of ingredients (some that are already in your kitchen) you can mix the capsule ingredients with! 

Coconut oil, mashed avocado, papaya, raw honey, full fat yogurt, cacao powder and coffee grinds are just a sampling of ingredients that are amazing for your skin.

Combined with our Mask + Scrub, this is the ultimate way to enjoy a luxurious and effective cleansing resulting in fully nourished and brightened face. 

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